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Sedge is a one-click setup tool for PoS network/chain validators and nodes written entirely in the Go programming language. Sedge takes care of the entire on-premise full node setup based on the chosen client, using generated docker-compose scripts based on the desired configuration. The following list shows some of the use cases for Sedge:

  • Staking. You can use Sedge to set up and deploy an Ethereum or a Gnosis full node, including a validator node and nodes with mev-boost. Sedge's on-premise setup design favors solo stakers but can also be integrated with other staking solutions.
  • Automated testing. If you need to set up nodes very often to test your application or node, you can integrate Sedge to an automated solution and make use of Sedge as a one-click tool with which you can quickly set up a full node in just a single step. This can be the case for protocol and dapps developers.
  • API and Checkpoint Sync endpoints. Sedge allows you to set up a full node without a validator so that you can use this node to either expose the execution JSON-RPC API or the Beacon Chain HTTP API, or expose a Checkpoint Sync endpoint.
  • Migrate a Setup. If you need to migrate your nodes from one place to other, or change the clients, Sedge can handle your keys for you, and import any needed information.

Whether or not you choose to set up a node with a validator and whether or not you are exposing the API, you are contributing to the network, which is excellent!


While Sedge assists in installing the validator, it is not designed to register or maintain it. Users are solely responsible for ensuring that they monitor and maintain the validator as required, so that they do not incur penalties and/or financial losses. This includes promptly updating the tool to ensure the latest stable releases of clients are used.


Users acknowledge that no warranty is being made of a successful installation. Sedge is a tool and it depends on you to use it correctly and follow all the best practice guidance, as found in the project's README and this documentation.

Why you should try Sedge

Sedge is a tool that focuses on ease of use and, as such, lowers the entry barrier for non-technical users. With Sedge, you can run a node or a validator on Ethereum with little to no technical background and set it all up in less than 5 minutes! Need to know which client to choose? No problem! Let Sedge choose it for you.

With enough technical knowledge, you can also take advantage of Sedge and its features. You can generate the setup files, modify them according to your needs, and integrate Sedge with other solutions.

The Sedge codebase design allows us to create many features and support you with setting up a single node or a full node, cross-platform support, alerting mechanisms, support for other networks, and much more. Stay tuned to find out when they're shipped!