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Holesky is Ethereum's public testnet that serves as a technical experimentation platform for Ethereum's infrastructure, staking designs, and protocol-level developments. This testing environment brings its own set of validators, a dedicated block explorer, and an ecosystem of faucets.

Supported Execution Clients

Supported Consensus Clients

Supported Validator Clients

Generating a Full Node

To generate a setup of a full node (without a validator node) with random clients, you only need to add the --no-validator to sedge generate full-node. For example:

sedge generate full-node --no-validator --network=holesky

Generating a Full Node with a Validator

To generate a setup of a validator with random clients, you need to omit the --no-validator flag. For example:

sedge generate full-node --network=holesky

Create keystore for validator

To create a keystore for a validator, you need to run the following command:

sedge keys --network holesky

Running your setup

Once you have generated your setup, you can run it with the following command:

sedge run