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Adding new Networks

We support Ethereum Mainnet and Gnosis Chain, and over time we will update the different testnets on those networks.

We support only active testnets, like Sepolia or Goerli for Ethereum and Chiado for Gnosis, and in the past we supported other networks now deprecated, we will give our best to keep our pipeline updated.

If you want to contribute to Sedge adding a new network, you can follow the next steps:

  1. Create a folder with the name of the network under templates/envs.
  2. Create an envs base that contains network base information at templates/envs/[network]/env_base.tmpl, like in the above example for sepolia:
{{/* docker-compose_base.tmpl */}}
{{ define "env" }}
# --- Global configuration ---
NETWORK=goerli{{if .Mev}}
RELAY_URL={{if .RelayURL}}{{.RelayURL}}{{else}}{{end}}{{end}}
{{template "execution" .}}
{{template "consensus" .}}
{{template "validator" .}}
{{ end }}
  1. Add configs for each of the clients (consensus, execution, validator) in the respective folders inside templates/envs/[network]/[client], and fill with the needed environment variables.
  2. Create an entry on configs/init.go, in the method InitNetworksConfigs() with the network information, for example:
NetworkSepolia: {
Name: NetworkSepolia,
NetworkService: "merge",
GenesisForkVersion: "0x90000069",
SupportsMEVBoost: true,
CheckpointSyncURL: "",
RelayURLs: []string{
  1. Update documentation, including all the references on docs/docs folder, that are going to be displayed on Sedge official documentation, and on the
  2. Add entry on the
  3. Run tests, and add new tests if needed.
  4. Create a PR with your changes, and we will review it as soon as possible.