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Running sedge logs will shut down running containers using docker compose CLI.


$ sedge logs -h
Initializing configuration
Get running container logs using docker-compose CLI. If no services are provided, the logs of all running services will be displayed.

By default will run 'docker compose -f <script> logs --follow <service>'

sedge logs [flags] [services]

-h, --help help for logs
-p, --path string docker-compose script path (default "./docker-compose-scripts")
-t, --tail int Tail the number of desired logs. If not set, or set to 0, logs are followed.

Global Flags:
--logLevel string Set Log Level (default "info")

Execution Example

The execution of sedge down will close and remove all the opened containers and networks used by sedge.

$ sedge down
2022-00-00 00:00:00 -- [INFO] [Logger Init] Log level: info
2022-00-00 00:00:00 -- [INFO] You are running the latest version of sedge. Version: v0.5.1
[sudo] password for maceo:
[+] Running 7/7
⠿ Container execution-client Removed 93.8s
⠿ Container validator-client Removed 0.0s
⠿ Container consensus-client Removed 3.8s
⠿ Container validator-import-client Removed 0.0s
⠿ Network docker-compose-scripts_default Removed 0.2s
⠿ Network sedge_network Removed 0.1s