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Running a MEV-boost node

What is a MEV-boost node

A MEV-Boost node is a type of node in the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem that is designed to maximize the profits that can be earned through "Maximal Extractable Value" (MEV). MEV is the total amount of value that can be extracted from a given set of transactions, including any potential profits from front-running, back-running, or other types of transaction reordering.

Running a MEV-boost node using Sedge

Sedge can be used to run a MEV-boost node, running only one node, or alongside a full Ethereum node.

Running a MEV-boost node alone

You can run a MEV-boost node alone, connecting to a default Relay url, or setting your own. There is a example of how to generate a MEV-boost node using Sedge:

sedge generate mevboost

Running a MEV-boost node alongside a full Ethereum node

By default, if you generate a full node using Sedge, if the selected network support MEV, it will also generate a MEV-boost node.

You can override that config, and not running the MEV-boost node, by setting the --no-mev-boost flag, for example:

sedge generate full-node --no-mev-boost